Hingol National Park in Balochistan – Tour Guide & Attractions

Hingol National Park is located in the stunning scenery of Balochistan. It’s a tribute to the artistic competence of nature. This lovely wilderness is a hidden gem full of amazing attractions, diverse wildlife and natural wonders. In this blog, we will explore the beauty of Hingol National Park and provide you with the knowledge you need for an unforgettable trip. We will cover the location, directions, best tourist spots, wildlife, travel advice and more.

What is Hingol National Park?

Hingol is the largest national park in Pakistan, covering an area of approx. 6100 square kilometers. It was established in 1988. The Park is named after the Hingol River, which flows over its wide stretches. Hingol National Park is famous for its abundant biodiversity, geological wonders and archaeological significance. It has been designated as a protected area, conserving its natural treasures for future generations.

Where is it located?

Balochistan, a region in Pakistan’s southwest, is home to Hingol National Park. The park’s exact coordinates are between 66°00 and 65°00 East longitude and 25°20 to 26°45 North latitude. The park’s distant position, however accessible from several local towns and cities, contributes to its attractiveness by providing tourists with a genuine retreat into the woods.

How to Reach Hingol National Park?

Reaching Hingol National Park requires some planning because of its distance from civilization. Here are some popular routers to get to the park:

From Karachi: Karachi is the largest city that is closest to the park. The most typical method is through Private Vehicles / Taxis. You have to take the N25 highway which would take you from Karachi to Bela in around 6-7 hours. The Park entrance is just 30 kilometers distant from Bela.

From Quetta: You can also access Hingol National Park via the N25 highway from Quetta. The trip lasts about 9 to 10 hours and offers beautiful views along the way.

From Gwadar:  Travelling to the park via the coastal town of Gwadar is another option. While taking longer than 8-9 hours, this route gives you the chance to take in Gwadar’s distinctive charm and seaside scene before starting your journey.

Top Tourist Attractions

Hingol Park offers a variety of attractions that will leave visitors in amazement. Here are some must-see spots within the park:

  • Princess of Hope
  • Sphinx of Balochistan / Lion of Balochistan
  • Chandragup – Mud Valcanoes
  • Hinglaj Devi Temple
  • Natural Oases
  • Kund Malir

Princess of Hope

Tourist Attraction Near Gwadar - Hingol National Park

The Princess of Hope is a natural masterpiece that will amaze you. This amazing rock formation looks like a graceful princess standing in the middle of the wide desert. The princess is surrounded by magical light as the sun sets.

Sphinx of Balochistan / Lion of Balochistan

Sphinx is also known as the Lion of Balochistan. There are incredible similarities exist between this rock formation and the famous Sphinx of Egypt. All who visit this fascinating location are captivated by the Lion of Balochistan, which stands tall and proud.

Chandragup – Mud Valcanoes

Baluchistan has beautiful, varied scenery. Numerous mud volcanoes are one of the area’s many geological wonders and a major draw. In the Miani Hor-Hingol Valley region of Baluchistan, there are more than 80 active mud volcanoes. The most well-known mud volcano is Chandragup, also known as Chandar-Gup or Chandrakup.

Hinglaj Devi Temple

The Hinglaj Devi Temple is a holy place for Hindus. Considered one of the Shakti Peethas in Hindu mythology, this temple attracts followers from all over who come to seek blessings and enlightenment amidst the harsh wilderness.

Natural Oases

Hingol National Park amazes visitors with its natural oasis despite its dry surroundings. These oases of green provide a haven for wildlife and a break for road trippers. Spend a minute unwinding and taking in the tranquil atmosphere of these green areas.

Kund Malir

Kund Malir Beach in Gwadar - Near Hingol National Park

Kund Malir offers a lovely retreat to the Arabian Sea shoreline and is a charming beach that is close to the entrance of the park. It offers a great location for campers and beach lovers because of its pure sandy beachfront, clear waters and incredible rock formation.

Wildlife/Animals in Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park is a paradise for those who enjoy animals, offering the chance to see a wide variety of creatures, such as:

  • Asiatic Wild Ass (Ghur): Spot these majestic creatures grazing in their natural habitat, a rare and delightful sight.
  • Balochistan Urial: Observe the Balochistan Urial, a type of wild sheep, scaling the rugged slopes with grace.
  • Chinkara (Indian Gazelle): Witness the elegance of Chinkaras as they roam freely across the park’s plains.
  • Indian Wolf: Catch a glimpse of the elusive Indian Wolf, known for its keen senses and elusive nature.
  • Indian Wild Boar: Encounter the Indian Wild Boar, an impressive and resilient species native to the region.
  • Marsh Crocodile: Keep an eye out for Marsh Crocodiles basking in the sun near the park’s water bodies.

Tips to Visit Hingol National Park

  1. Pack Accordingly: As Hingol National Park is in a remote location, ensure you pack all necessary supplies, including water, food, camping gear, and first aid supplies.
  2. Weather Considerations: The park experiences extreme temperatures, so plan your visit during the milder months, typically from October to April.
  3. Travel in a Group: Exploring the park in a group is recommended for safety and to enjoy the experience with fellow adventurers.
  4. Respect Wildlife and Environment: Observe wildlife from a distance and refrain from disturbing their natural behaviors. Also, help in preserving the park’s beauty by leaving no trace behind.
  5. Guided Tours: Opt for guided tours led by experienced local guides who know the terrain and can enhance your understanding of the park’s cultural and ecological significance.

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Hingol National Park is home to an abundance of natural treasures, including beautiful rock formations and a wide variety of species. This thorough guide seeks to encourage and help visitors discover the majesty of this undiscovered jewel in Balochistan. Take on the challenge, get in touch with nature, and make lifelong memories as you immerse yourself in Hingol National Park’s mysterious beauty.

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