Top 10 Hotels in Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is a stunning tourist spot in Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Pakistan). Thousands of tourists from all over the globe visit Hunza Valley every year. While planning a trip/tour accommodation is the important confusion to choose a Hotels in Hunza Valley. We solved the problem of where to stay in Hunza by providing you with a list of Hotels in Hunza Valley which are recommended by practised visitors and family. These hotel views can make your vacation a memorable journey.

Although Hunza is one of the most popular tourist spots in Northern Pakistan, has hundreds of beautiful, neat, and clean hotels. Where Hunza has the most rated 4 Star & 5 Star hotels, Moreover, there are budget Friendly hotels as well for mid-range and low-range travellers. The following are our best preferences hotels in Hunza:

1. Luxus Resort Hunza

  • Main Attabad Lake – Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
luxus hotel attabad lake hunza
Luxus Hotel & Resort – Attabad Hunza

Luxus Resort is Hunza’s first and foremost hotel with 5 Star accommodations. It is located on the most attractive lake in Attabad – Hunza which is 13KM away from main Karimabad City. Attabad Lake is one of the most widespread points in Hunza Valley. This hotel provides superlative facilities with over-warming views of Attabad Lake. Furthermore, Luxus Resort Hunza’s stunning interior design and classic wooden decorations are the main cause behind its popularity. The astonishing design of each room allows you to enjoy the magical blue water under the sparkly sky. Accessible & Secure Parking, Airport Pickup & Drop, Packed Lunches, Free Internet Facilities, Water Sports, Evening Entertainment, Off-Site Hiking Track & Fishing Area, BBQ, Fireplace, Sun Terrace and Picnic area are some of its noticeable facilities and key factors behind its popularity.

2. Serena Hotel Hunza Inn

  • Zero Point, Karimabad – Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
serena hotel hunza inn
Serena Hotel Hunza Inn – Karimabad

Serena is the 2nd optimum and well-known hotel in Hunza – Gilgit Baltistan. It is situated in main Karimabad (formerly Baltit). It is encircled by the Majestic Karakoram Mountains. This hotel is famed due to its location that gives you a wonderful view of enormous green fields and mesmerizing blue sky. Nanga Parbat – The Killer Mountain can also be viewed from the hotel. this is more economical than the Luxus Hotel. Some demanding facilities by the Serena Hunza Inn are BBQ & Delicious Foods, Internet & Business Facilities, Terrace & Garden, In-Room satellite TV, luxurious bath amenities.

3. Darbar Hotel Hunza

  • Karimabad – Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
darbar hotel in hunza valley
Darbar Hotel Hunza – Karimabad

Well-known 4 Star hotel in Karimabad Hunza. Darbar has the highest number of rooms among all the List of hotels in Hunza with grand views of Hunza Valley. it delivers good room keeping service with 52 rooms. Their service and foods are admirable between mid-range hotels in Northern Areas of Pakistan. 24 hours Electric supply & Internet Facilities, Amazing Roof-Top BBQ, Chines, Continental and Pakistani Cuisine, Free Parking Area, Highest Room Capacity are some obvious pros of Darbar Hunza Hotel.

4. Eagle’s Nest Hotel

  • Duikar View Point – Altit, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
eagle nest hotel in hunza
Eagle’s Nest Hotel – Altit, Hunza

The Eagle’s Nest is a famous hotel located in an eminent tourist spot in Duikar – Hunza which is only a 15-20 mints ride from main Karimabad City. It is well worth it due to its luxury accommodation. Nearby points are also popular and worth seeing. Tourists can check out the famous Natal Lake to get incredible views and life-changing experiences. Rakaposhi sunset and sunrise can be seen from every side of the hotel. The hotel offers 30 well-furnished, neat and clean rooms with 24/7 reservations. They also have high-speed internet connectivity and outdoor activity area for children and families.

5. Hard Rock Hotel Resort & Villas

  • Duikar View Point – Altit, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
hard rock hotel and resort hunza
Hard Rock Hotel & Resort – Duikar – Altit, Hunza

Hard Rock is a 5-star hotel and resort located in Duikar – Hunza. it has deluxe rooms and apartments with a shared kitchen and Wi-Fi Internet. This hotel also offers free parking and car rental service for guest who wants to discover the surroundings. There are three types of rooms Hard Rock Hotel offers Quadruple Rooms, Twin Rooms and Double Rooms. Guest can also enjoy cycling and other activities in nearby areas.

6. Embassy Hotel Hunza

  • Karimabad – Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
embassy hotel karimabad hunza
Hard Rock Hotel & Resort – Duikar – Altit, Hunza

The embassy hotel is in heart of the Hunza Valley – Karimabad, just a few steps away from the ancient Silk Road. It has 12 Single Rooms, 12 Deluxe Rooms and 14 Double Bedrooms to offer its guests a unique combination of traditional life and modern amenities. This is one of the Affordable Hotels in Hunza Valley. This hotel offers a variety of special dinners, folk performances, live music, sightseeing and traditional sword dances. The gorgeous view of Hunza will leave you amazed from the balcony.

7. Fairy Land Hotel

  • Duikar – Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
fairyland hotel resort duikar
Fairy Land Hotel – Duikar, Hunza

Fairy Land hotel is located at Duikar in Hunza Valley. It has decent accommodation with all modern facilities. Surrounded by some famous mountains like Lady Finger, Rakaposhi, Golden Peak, Deran Peak, Ultar-1 and Ultar-2. Furthermore, This hotel is recognized with 10 rooms with elegant design and decoration, well-furnished, TV, Parking, Restaurant, Laundry, Hot water and Fireplace. Offer 24/7 servicing in rapid reception.

8. PTDC Motel Hunza

  • Ganish, Garelt, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan
ptdc motel hunza
PTDC Motel – Garelt, Hunza

PTDC Hotel is only a 2-Hour drive away from Gilgit. Overseeing the majestic Hoper Glacier. PTDC offer very comfortable rooms and a top-ranked restaurant. PTDC hotel contains 28 rooms with a spectacular view of Rakaposhi Peak. You can also visit Passo Glacier Village on a day trip from the hotel.

9. Hunza View Hotel

  • Hunza View Hotel – Rakaposhi, Karimabad, Hunza
hunza view hotel in rakaposhi
Hunza View Hotel – Rakaposhi, Karimabad, Hunza

A perfect vista view hotel located in Rakaposhi which is the capital of Karimabad Valley. This hotel offers you the best room service at an affordable price throughout your stay. The rooms are well furnished and ultra-modern style interior. You can avail of room service 24/7 at your door. However, The elementary key facilities of this hotel include internet service, money exchange, outdoor activity area, hot water and restaurant.

10. Borith Lake Hotel & Resort

  • Borith Lake Hotel – Borith Lake, Gojal, Hunza Nagar
hotel at borith lake hunza
Borith Lake Hotel – Borith Lake, Gojal, Hunza Nagar

This hotel is located near the famed Borith Lake (Gojal) in Hunza Valley which is almost 2km to the north of Gulmit. In addition, This hotel offers a majestic view of Borith Lake with the excellence of room service and continental foods. Rooms are fully furnished with all basic facilities. Private parking is also possible on site for free. Each room has a sun terrace and TV.


These are the top ten most famous and highly recommended hotels for staying in Best Places in Hunza Valley. Although, if something is missed in our list of Top hotels in Hunza Valley. Do mention it in the comments. We will always love your contribution.

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